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A Great Way To Help A Lot Of Businesses
$ 177
  • Install Widget & Landline
    In Up To 25 Locations
  • $177 Today And $177 Per
    Month 20 Days Later


Plan With The Most Locations
$ 197
  • Install Widget & Landline
    In Up To 75 Locations
  • $197 Today and $197 Per
    Month 20 Days Later
  • 2x More Locations Than
    The Starter Plan


Existing Lead Engage Members ONLY!
$ 177
  • Only Choose This Plan If You Already
    Pay Monthly For Lead Engage Or You
    WILL NOT Get Software Access
  • Install Widget & Landline
    In Up To 75 Locations
  • $177 To Join The Challenge!

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a 5 day challenge geared at helping you become landline texting certified, so you can quickly provide this service to business owners. We teach you everything you need to know and equip you with software and prospecting materials. At the end of 5 days, you’ll qualify to get your certification as a landline expert!

Courses leave you hanging as you’re by yourself. Our new framework encourages taking ACTION. You’ll be challenged to get a lot of work done that will only benefit your business. We help you every step of the way so you can make money faster.  You’ll love it!

Lead engage is software that helps businesses capture leads and quickly communicate with leads via SMS. It’s a widget that’s placed on their website, so visitors can quickly reach out to them.

Simply put: consumers want businesses to text them. 89% of customers say they’d like to be able to text message businesses, an 90% of leads would prefer to be texted than called. It’s the preferred mode of communication, and most businesses are NOT text friendly.

We are considering charging at least $20 per location, but when you get in as a charter member, your cost will be around $10. It’s extremely cheap knowing you can charge significantly more. Simply go get business 🙂

Yes - when you get in as a charter member.

The software can create packages, and the client is charged automatically. Very simple.

This is software the business will use. After the initial set up, you charge a set & forget fee!

Absolutely. If you think about a service based business, they’re average customer value far exceeds $100. Meaning, the lifetime value of a customer is worth more than $100. So, if one text lead a month results in a sale, then it more than pays for the cost of the software.

It’s extremely simple. We have a simple wizard and you can build a widget in less than 5 minutes.

By demonstration. You sell it by allowing businesses to demo it themselves, and put them in the drives seat.  You can give it away on a trial basis and they use it. We have an entire day dedicated to selling, so you’re in good hands. Join today!


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